Types of Ride-on Toys

Forklift-Ride-on-ToyRide-on toys can be great fun and suitable from an early age. They promote physical movement, confidence, independence and can get children outside.

For Under 1s

For pre-walkers, there are a great array of ride-ons, often with additional sound and light features and offering wide seating to allow stability for a young child to get used to the movement. They tend to move slowly and only with direct action from the child. Very little momentum is built so an injury from losing control is unlikely.

Some babies under one year of age have ride-ons which are multi use, becoming more complex as the child grows. These are great value for money and develop with your child.

For Pre-schoolers

Once children are confident movers and walkers, the world of ride-ons opens up – from scooters, to two wheeled motorbikes and bicycles, designs are varied and these require much more balance from the child, and they go much faster as well. They are still propelled by the movement of the child and so can be controlled, but do have more of a trajectory once the child has started using these.

Mechanical Ride-ons

One such product is a mechanical horse, which is pushed forward by the child creating an up and down movement, similar to the natural one you would make sitting on the saddle of a real horse. Mechanical ride-ons are great fun, as they child can control the propulsion at will and will feel more independent.

Electric Ride-ons

Battery powered electric rides ons are usually much more expensive, as far as ride-ons go, but they allow a driving experience similar to a real car. With just the steering to worry about the electrics propel the car while you sit back and enjoy the ride. The only thing to consider is whether they will make your child lazy, as they do not provide the same chances for physical movement as mechanical ride-ons do.