Should Toys Match Your Child’s Personality?

6-giftguidecooThe argument of nature against nurture is one that interests parents when making choices concerning their children, and the choice of toys should also be included and is no exception.

In part, we are born with natural tendencies and skills, we have an innate personality from birth and this can start to show from a very early age.

You may hear a boy being described as ‘a typical boy’ while he throws toy guns around or a female as a ‘girly girl’ while she plays with dolls. But it is important to not only provide toys which suit your child’s specific personality traits but also toys which encourage them to play differently and experience different feelings and outcomes.

Don’t Be Led By Gender

With shops labelling toys in ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ sections, it is easy to miss out on play experiences due to “pre-assigned gender roles”. Allow your boys to have dolls and your girls to have trains. All play is important and encourages growth for your children.

How to Use Toys to Help Guide Personality Traits

If you have a child who loves rough and tumble games and can be a little boisterous, you can use toys to support this type of play and energy but in a way that directs it safely: sports, ball games or police dressup.

For a shy child who prefers to play on his or her own, toys can help bridge the gap to making friends. Perhaps hide and seek games, or puzzles they can do together – this way, they can gently encourage a child to interact.

Choose Different Types of Toys

Choose toys that are made from different materials. Avoid all plastic, or all electronic: try and introduce wooden toys and toys with no distinct way of playing so children can be creative even when setting up rules or deciding how to use them.