How to Choose the Best Toys For My Child

821256-Fantasy-Castle-Blocks-w-kidAs a parent, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of toy choices available, so it can be hard to decide what to get, how much to get and what will help a child develop in the way you want them to.

Try asking yourself these questions when making toy decisions:

  • Will it teach my child anything? – Recognition, patterns and so on;
  • Will it engage my child for long enough, or is it likely to be discarded quickly?
  • Is it age appropriate and safe?
  • Can it be enjoyed by boys and girls – does it encourage a non gender based play?
  • Does it stimulate many senses at once – vision, hearing, smell and so on;
  • Does it allow my child to play in a way that determines and promotes creativity?

It is important to remember that from the moment of birth, play is the child’s way of learning. It is their job to discover how the world works through such activities. From the first rattle shake, to puzzles, to a Lego tower, to a computer or iPad, children develop a wide range of skill sets through play and therefore the choice of toys, and a wide variety of toys is important.

What is The Best Kind of Toy?

All toys have some value, but a fantastic type of toy is a ’cause and effect’ toy. These give children an opportunity to control an outcome. It can help develop perseverance, and trial and error, as well as problem solving.

A baby may knock a toy away, or touch a ball and discover that it flashes. This sense of excitement and achievement motivates them to try again. Just as a toddler discovers you can stack blocks into a tower and then knock them down.

A good rule is to allow your children to discover toys for themselves, don’t be too quick to jump in and show them how it is done or how to play with it, let them discover things for themselves.